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Ellie Moran, LPC, CPT

Ellie is a graduate of the George Washington University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She graduated with honors and received the Chris Erickson Mental Health Services Advocacy Award during her clinical internship. Ellie is also a national award-winning public speaker – having traveled around the country with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to promote treatment and education about mental health conditions. She completed her undergraduate studies degree with honors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ellie is also a board-approved supervisor and works with resident counselors working towards licensure. Additionally, Ellie is a former nationally Certified Personal Trainer and believes in integrating physical and mental health.

Above all, Ellie aims to make a difference in the community by providing quality care to adolescents, families, and adults as they work towards wellness. Ellie provides individual counseling, family counseling, and parent consultations to members of our community.

Aaron Flavel, Fitness and Nutrition Associate

Aaron Flavel is the founder of Flavel Fitness and joins the Virginia Wellness Associates team as our fitness expert. Originally from Australia, but currently residing in Virginia, he has been working as a health and fitness coach since 2016. Previously he served in the Royal Australian Army. His love for sports started as a child where he grew up playing cricket, tennis, biking, and spear fishing. This continues into his daily routine today. 

Aaron began to find a new passion in 2017 competing in Spartan obstacle course races. Here he fell in love with the combination of endurance racing and obstacles. After completing many races, Aaron became certified in obstacle course racing through the Spartan Program. Aaron first met the founder and owner of our practice, Ellie, through Spartan racing and they have competed together in several competitions. Aaron is a NASM (National Academy sports medicine) certified coach, pre and post natal certified, a SGX obstacle course specialist coach, a certified golf fitness specialist (NASM), a Parkinson’s Pro certified coach (Fitpro), with extensive experience in weight management and strength training.

Aaron is influenced by an active routine; his belief and mantra in his training style is that fitness should always be balanced with a person’s lifestyle to remain sustainable and consistent. Training and exercise should be accessible and enjoyable whilst being tailored to be measurable and realistic. The number one result taking effect immediately is increasing the mental wellness and cognitive brain function of all clients. 

You can contact him at: | (202) 262-6415

Brenna Curtis, VWA Mentor

Brenna joins Virginia Wellness Associates as our mentor. She will be coaching children and teens through executive functioning issues, social skills feedback, and much, much more. Brenna joins the team as an undergraduate psychology student at James Madison University.

After completing her studies, she hopes to go on to graduate school to continue to serve those who need emotional and mental health support. As a student, Brenna brings practical skills in managing a busy calendar while maintaining academic success.

In high school, she was President of the Student Government Association and graduated cum laude, all while captaining the basketball team and holding down a job. She is a great example of how a young person can successfully juggle the demands of high school and other life stressors.

Furthermore, she is the proud recipient of the Student Government Association Scholarship. VWA is proud to have Brenna as a member of our team who will help guide our younger clients towards their goals. Please consider working with Brenna’s mentoring service to help your child or adolescent meet the pressures of today.

Brenna works with our counseling and wellness team with a balanced approach to make sure that your student does more than just survive the school year, but can truly thrive.

Brenna can be reached at

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