Working with a resident – how is it different and why should I give it a try?

Jo-Ann is our Resident in Counseling at VWA and an excellent clinician. What does it mean to be a resident? Jo-Ann is working towards her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) licensure with Ellie’s help. She practices under her supervision until she has accrued a certain number of hours and passed a comprehensive exam. This means that Jo-Ann has lots and lots of training and is jumping through the final hoops before she is able to practice under her own license. She comes to VWA with several years of post-graduate training and experience and we cannot say enough about Jo-Ann’s compassion for her work and how her experience truly helps people to reach their goals. Jo-Ann recently covered Ellie’s caseload while she was on maternity leave and the positive feedback was overwhelming.

There are several benefits to working with a resident. For one, it is less expensive than a fully-licensed clinician. Secondly, because residents more often than not are closer to their training than licensed clinicians who have been in the field for a while, they often are the most up to date on research and new methods that can really help people. Furthermore, they work closely with their supervisor so you are getting a team approach that research shows can be more effective for the client.

A little more about Jo-Ann – before becoming a Resident in Counseling, she worked as a school counselor. She is great at working with all age groups and enjoys a diverse practice. Jo-Ann also works diligently to make sure that counseling is affordable for those that need it the most and we are proud of how compassionate she is for the underserved.

If you are interested in working with Jo-Ann, please reach out to her at or give us a call!

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